Can you do it? Will it work? Is it worth it?

I enjoy tech-driven art and employing multiple disciplines in my work. When working on projects, personal or professional, I take care to exercise deliberation without overpowering my intuition. My guiding values are integrity and sincerity. I’m a learner. I like to know how complex things work and that drives my can-do attitude. Cheers!

Ok, enough baloney. Now, get back to the pretty pictures.

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Gone Fishing

Woodville RenderMan Art Challenge

  • Date13 November, 2019
  • Cool toolsHoudini 17.5; RenderMan for Houdini; 3DCoat; Blender 2.8
The Bear. What a beast. One that tends to be a beast and cure at the same time even when it's not a cub. He broke the bridge hand-rail and sat there fishing with its primitive stick, insolently sealing every Woodviller inside. All hopeful and determined to put to practical use what he had observed from the pros. Poor him for his great aspiration with faint chances.