Self-taught. Competence driven. VFX inspired.

I want to feel competent that I’m doing worthwhile work. Starting a day that way, feels like a victory before the battle has even begun. The sense of autonomy that comes with that translates into a 'there-is-a-way' attitude, it puts me in the zone, and it makes me present. And I’m a morning person.

My guiding values are integrity and sincerity. I’m a learner. I like to know, there’s no reason not to, and I don’t care for the bad rap which knowing things seems to have got in modern times. When working on projects, personal or professional, I take care to exercise deliberation without overpowering my intuition. Not easy! It doesn’t have to be easy.

Ok, enough baloney. Now, get back to the pretty prictures.

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Render of concept packaging
Render of concept packaging
Render of concept packaging
Render of concept packaging

Weleda Natural First Aid Set

Concept Packaging

In spirit of the Weleda brand, harnessing the power of nature for healing and protection, the concept took a shield-like shape. Flowing curves and neither round nor sharp edges were meant to convey a sense of calm and benevolence.
  • Date6 January, 2016
  • TaskDesign a box for a set of natural skin creams of high purity.
  • I take credit forPackaging design
  • I take no credit forProduct design & photography; Logos & symbols; Copywriting
  • Cool toolsMoI3D; Illustrator; Octane Render; Photoshop