Can you do it? Will it work? Is it worth it?

I want to feel competent that I’m doing worthwhile work. Starting a day knowing that, feels like a victory and the sense of autonomy which comes with it translates into a 'there-is-a-way' attitude. That puts me in the zone, and it makes me present.

My guiding values are integrity and sincerity. I’m a learner. I like to know how complex things work, and there’s no reason not to be able to find out. When working on projects, personal or professional, I take care to exercise deliberation without overpowering my intuition. Not easy! It doesn’t have to be easy.

Ok, enough baloney. Now, get back to the pretty pictures.

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Render of catalogue
Render of catalogue
Render of catalogue

Philips Car Lamps Catalogue

DTP, Data formatting & Pre-press

  • ClientPhilips
  • Date5 January, 2018
  • TaskDesktop publish a calendar style catalogue
  • I take cradit forLayout and data formatting; Pre-press; Print-ready pdf
  • I give credit forPhotography; Copywriting; Graphic design of logos, icons and illustrations
  • Cool toolsInDesign; Illustrator; Photoshop; Excel; MoI3D; Octane Render

The process

An excel data sheet was provided by the client. 3000 rows of data were formatted into 50 pages in InDesign using table style sheets. A strict adherence to brand guidelines was exercised. Then, the catalogue was modelled in MoI3D and visualization in Octane Render. Finally, pre-press and off to the printing house for 12 000 copies.

The biggest challenge was to bring thousands of rows of Excel data into InDesign and pack it tightly and control for the fit of the text inside the cells. The bulk of the data could be placed in an automated way. The most effort, however, as is often the case, was for the last 10% to final where table style sheets were invaluable and strangely motivating to use albeit a seemingly boring tool.