Self-taught. Competence driven. VFX inspired.

I want to feel competent that I’m doing worthwhile work. Starting a day that way, feels like a victory before the battle has even begun. The sense of autonomy that comes with that translates into a 'there-is-a-way' attitude, it puts me in the zone, and it makes me present. And I’m a morning person.

My guiding values are integrity and sincerity. I’m a learner. I like to know, there’s no reason not to, and I don’t care for the bad rap which knowing things seems to have got in modern times. When working on projects, personal or professional, I take care to exercise deliberation without overpowering my intuition. Not easy! It doesn’t have to be easy.

Ok, enough baloney. Now, get back to the pretty prictures.

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Nikon KeyMission Toolbox

Product design

KeyMission is Nikon's action cam product line.
  • ClientNikon
  • Date1 September, 2016
  • TaskDesign a camera case for KeyMission 360 and assorted accessories
  • I take cradit forProduct design & engineering
  • I take no cradit forSample making
  • Cool toolsMoI3D; Octane Render; Photoshop; Illustrator; Siemens SolidEdge 2D Drafting

Modular design

To address a wide variety of usage scenarios which are typical of action camera ecosystems, a modular design was employed. That way a user is able to configure a kit according to his or her gear type and assortment. Users can be geared towards watersports, for instance, or towards rock climbing, just as well. Configuration flexibility also meant future-proofing as often the accessory range would grow over time or certain activities would require less gear than others.


Swappable bag-in-bag modules with varying design according to function and purpose. The name Toolbox illustrates the idea quite well. A master case, much like a toolbox, carries equipment some of which may be used differently depending on the day.

The process

A digital sketch set the general direction and then straight into MoI3D for 3D models which were exported as meshes, brought into Octane Render, lit and tetured and approved following several itterations.

Then, CAD models of the EVA treys were refined for production in cooperation with the factory. The handle was optimized for injection moulding and became the second ever injected piece in my portfolio.

Material selection, final cost estimation and sample rounds followed before start of production for delivery.