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I enjoy tech-driven art and employing multiple disciplines in my work. When working on projects, personal or professional, I take care to exercise deliberation without overpowering my intuition. My guiding values are integrity and sincerity. I’m a learner. I like to know how complex things work and that drives my can-do attitude. Cheers!

Ok, enough baloney. Now, get back to the pretty pictures.

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Building procedural control and parameter inferface.


The Telefunken analogue computer on display at the Technical Museum in Vienna.

A vent grill (below). A funny fact about it - What used to be a great club in Amsterdam called Trouw closed down. That day a number of these vent grills, which once decorated the sides of the dancefloor, were on sale. I couldn't pass on that..

Reference for painted metal object with flaking paint along the edges
Reference for painted metal object with flaking paint along the edges.

CG Shading & Rendering Artists Meetup - Banner (WIP)

Procedural modeling and texturing

  • GoalModel and render a banner background image for the CG Shading & Rendering Artists Meetup I'm hosting.
  • Date started5 June, 2019
  • Cool toolsHoudini 17.5; Pixar Renderman 22.5 (for Houdini); Affinity Photo

A little background

Let's chat, share and learn from each other's shading and rendering projects and experiences. Render engines, CG lighting, shader building, texture making, ray tracing - it can get nerdy pretty quickly, but there's art to it which can tell stories and impress people. So, is that mix of art and technology your thing?

Procedural Modeling in Houdini 17.5

Writing's not an option. I'll post screen recordings.

Procedural Shading & Rendering in Renderman for Houdini

The ultimate goal here is to create shaders driven by geometric properties and therefore UV-independent. OSL will be key for keeping the node count in check and a major challenge, because I'm yet to learn it, haha! And the first one I'm taking on is one based on the reference object to the left.
Ok, let's get to it..